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Jeanette works on independent films as a director, writer, creative consultant and acting coach.


Given her education in acting and her work as a Money Manager and Bookkeeper, Jeanette brings a wealth of experience to the table. On set Jeanette is grounded, focused and playful.


She is excited about collaborating on small-scale projects that are rooted in personal narratives. She is especially skilled at assisting artists in turning their early stage ideas into successful productions.


Jeanette firmly believes that art is a powerful tool for social change and it should be accessible to everyone. Despite the over saturation of media on endless streaming platforms, she feels that artists have a unique opportunity to harness the tools of social media, crowdfunding and personal marketing to launch their unique and important passion projects in a post-pandemic world.


If you're a filmmaker in the greater New York area, Jeanette would love to connect with you. Shoot her a message!


Recent Work
Jeanette Has a Poo Still

Jeanette Has a Poo!

Currently in post production

In spring 2023 Jeanette shot an original short, Jeanette Has a Poo! The film's style was inspired by films like Charlie Chaplin's A Dogs Life, Frances Ha and Grand Budapest Hotel.


While the film has an obvious and silly subject, it highlights the inaccessibility of public bathrooms - an issue that anyone with IBS, stomach issues or other invisible illnesses knows all too well. 

Director: Jeanette Bednar

Cinamotographer: Angel J. Rivas


Spring 2022

In spring 2022 Jeanette directed a movement piece, Emit. The

Director: Jeanette Bednar

Director of Photography: Eddie Yasin

Choreography adapted by Gwendolyn Torrence & Jeanette Bednar from The Re:Rosas Project (in association with Rosas and fABULEUS)

Music: primo.wav

Starring: Gwendolyn Torrence, Jackie McCarthy, Raven Smith & Jeanette Bednar

Colorist: Dylan Tollefson

Quarter Life Crisis

Currently in post production

In summer 2022 Jeanette worked as a line producer and collaborator on Raven Smith's new web-series: Quarter Life Crisis. 

Creator: Raven Smith

Director: John R. Caccamo

DP: Dylan J. Tollefson

Producer: Abbey George




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