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Photo of Jeanette - a white woman with brunette hair. She is outside with the wind blowing in her hair, looking directly at the camera.

Jeanette is an NYC based, non-union actor, currently seeking representation.

She holds a BFA in acting from Montclair State University. 

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Jeanette Has a Poo Still - a woman wearing a bright pink top and bright orange skirt sits on a ledge drinking coffee, next to a doodle wearing a yellow sweater

Jeanette Has a Poo!

Spring 2023

Jeanette filmed an original short - Jeanette Has a Poo! The short film is currently in post production, festival circuit tbd.

Synopsis - Jeanette takes a long walk on a spring day that quickly goes wrong.

The Neighborhood

Summer 2021

The proof of concept for Raven Smith's larger project and web series: Quarter Life Crisis.

Synopsis - Sean spends a day lamenting about his recently stolen bike and his friends join in to help find the perpetrator.

The Neighborhood
Greylock Still



Jeanette joined the cast of Greylock as Melissa. Director and Writer: Renzo Montoya

Synopsis - An army veteran, struggles to adapt to his new civilian life as full-time waiter. Living his tedious daily routine, he has to choose the right words to convince his estranged wife to reunite with him, while also reconciling with his old military lifestyle.


Summer 2020

Jeanette filmed Juju, a mumblecore short by Abbey George. Filmed in collaboration with Greasy Film Productions.

Synopsis - Two kids contemplate big ideas on a monotonous summer day.

Recent Work



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