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About Jeanette

About Jeanette 

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Jeanette Bednar (she/her) is a New York based Artist, Filmmaker and Actor. She is interested in creating stories that challenge people's preconceived ideas about the world. Through her art she aims to find beauty in the mundane and whimsical hopefulness through life's challenging moments.


Deeply inspired by the collaborative process, Jeanette hopes to encourage people to harness their own creative spirit through all of her work.

Recent Work

What's New?

To learn more about Jeanette's most recent works, explore the links below.

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Releasing Spring 2024 - Joanne Has a Poo! 

Joanne Has a Poo! Banner
Jeanette Has a Poo Still

Joanne Has a Poo is a short film that explores the troubles of IBS in a world of Hot Girl Walks.

Director: Jeanette Bednar

Cinamotographer: Angel J. Rivas

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